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Why a judical officer ?

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Why a judical officer ?

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In what situation do you need a judical officer ?

The Judicial Officer: the legal professional who guarantees your rights.

The Judicial Officer is an independent and qualified proximity lawyer spread over the entire territory, who, depending on the country, intervenes in many areas to protect and ensure the effectiveness of your rights:

Execution of court decisions

  • Seizures on movables
  • Seizures on immovable
  • Seizures on bank accounts
  • Seizures on intangible assets (company shares, etc.)
  • Seizures on wages
  • Evictions
  • Recovery of alimonies
  • Recovery of unpaid cheques
  • Provisional measures
  • Assignments given by the judge
  • Etc.

Service of documents

  • Documents initiating proceedings
  • Court orders
  • Orders to pay
  • Summonses to pay
  • Notices to leave in commercial matters and housing
  • Etc.

Findings of evidence (statements of facts)

  • State of movable or immovable goods
  • Progress of work
  • Internet
  • SMS and voice messages
  • Water damages
  • Destruction
  • Poor workmanship
  • Counterfeiting
  • Unfair competition
  • Strikes
  • Neighbourhood conflicts
  • Intellectual property
  • Nuisances (Noises, smells…)
  • Games and competitions
  • Commercial lotteries
  • Etc.

Amicable and judicial recovery of debts

  • Unpaid bills
  • Unpaid rents
  • Condominium fees
  • Acknowledgment of debt
  • Etc.


Legal advice to individuals and businesses in the context of debt collection, credit management and relating to the activities of the judicial officer

Representation of parties before certain courts

Assistance in the drafting of private deeds

Constitutions of guarantees (mortgages, pledges)

Amicable or judicial sequestration of goods

Real estate administrator

Insurance agent

Conventional or judicial mediation